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BlwnAway 05-26-2019 12:32 AM

It's been a while since an update and now that MOTD is over I've finally got some time.
I wasn't able to get everything done that I wanted for MOTD.

Had a set back over the winter and didn't get the car back together until March.
A few weeks after the Dyno session I developed a coolant leak, ends up that my radiator cap went bad, but not in the good...not holding pressure...way, but in the bad...won't release pressure way, and it built up so much pressure that it blew out the bottom of the radiator core. (One bad thing about aluminum reservoirs, they don't crack first) So I had to have a new radiator made. Luckily there was someone fairly local that builds custom radiators, but he's retired and would only do it in his spare time, so it between the weather and his schedule, it took 4 months to get done.
It's actually a beautiful piece and except for the cost, it's actually better than the earlier one. Plus with this failure, I know without a doubt the rest of the system is completely leak proof, lol.

The MOTD trip itself was great, absolutely no issues or drama at all, simply get in the car and drive.
The only issue I had was once there, I wasn't able to give as many rides as I would have liked to, one of the things I couldn't finish before the trip was the BBK, and after a couple of hard pulls up and down the hill by the resort, the current brakes were just glazed over and I had to let them sit a good long time before any more hard driving, which really limited me to offering rides.

I was however able to get a few, nonessential items finally taken care of though.
First was the PCV and addition of a Catch Can. While our engines don't "need" a vacuum source for PCV, and you can simply vent to atmosphere, having it can only be a plus.
The reason I didn't add it right away was that every time I tapped into my vacuum manifold for it, the vacuum would drop so much that it would effect my brake booster and I'd lose power assist, no matter what size line or where I connected. The solution was to add individual ports directly from the intake manifold itself. So, since I need to remove the manifold to ensure no metal into the system I figured I'd clean and dress it up a little too.

The before:



Also added a cover for the injectors to keep rain that comes through the scoop from directly wetting the connections:

New Catch Can Bracket fabbed up and mounted:

Installed and everything put back together:

I also finally got around to building the brackets for my Fire Extinguishers:

They follow along with the seats so no issue with them being in the way.

Lastly I found this decal in the bins at Chad's tent, couldn't help but put it on the car....Lol

werD 05-30-2019 04:49 AM

Great updates and work!

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