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Thumper460 03-17-2016 03:26 PM

Bee-hive Performance Valve spring kit

Thumper Performance

New Performance Spring Kit

New BEE-HIVE Springs with a Anodized Titanium Light weight Retainers !

Stock valve springs can carry a camshaft up to .410" and then start having all kinds of issues, spring bounce on the seats,
Valve Floating at high rpm levels, Problems with the rollers following the camshaft profiles. You just bought a performance camshaft ,
and now the performance levels is diminished do to the incorrect spring pressures!!


This Spring kit can carry up to .500 " valve lift !! Have pressures to keep the rollers ON the Lobe at higher rpm !!
The Anodized super strong light weight Retainers will accept the Keepers for the multi-groove OR single grove Valves !!
NO big spacers to install... No modifying the Seats... RPM in the 8500+ range, and we all know about the magic of the "Bee-Hive" conical spring performance levels !!

Fits: r50 / r52 / r53 cylinder Heads !! Single Grove or Multi groove Valves.

Cost: $350.00 FREE US Shipping

Thumper Performance /

Thumper460 11-24-2016 06:01 PM

Just for this year only.. I will add in a set of 'blue' performance valve guide seals with the order !!
Hitting rev over 7200 rpm and you are pushing the valve train.. yes ??


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