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Originally Posted by noss View Post
reading through your threads i know you don't like to say bad things about companies, but when you say you had trouble with the tensioner, was that the one from greece? will it just need a stiffer spring?

i'd be keen to know because i bought one in anticipation of buying a sprintex kit.
It's not that I don't want to disparage companies, I just don't want to jump to conclusions without really understanding problems and the true cause of those problems, I've just seen to many cases of people jumping to conclusions and laying blame, where in my opinion, it shouldn't go. Esp. when it comes to the issues dealt with when modding, people seem to forget that when modifying engines and cars as a whole, often things don't come with the same guarantees that OEM offers. Anyone like me, who's been doing this since the 70's and earlier, has good first hand knowledge of how bad it used to be, when it came to this stuff.

My full assessment:
It was the GPR, my personal opinion is that it just needed a shorter belt with the 60mm pulley, the spring and system seems as good or better than the OEM Mini setup, and is stronger than the Sprintex setup, but when I was doing some calculations, the belt size reductions they suggest for the smaller pulleys is just slightly off, only problem is that with research I think I know why they suggest what they do, simple availability. The suggested belt for the 60mm pulley is a 1380, a 1375 will not fit without a smaller diameter idler, and the only other production size available is a specialty European 1377 that would require a 2 week order and shipping time. I simply didn't want to wait and find out it still didn't fit.

I personally never had a problem with the old setup, except for the touchy nature of the piston, it easily comes apart if you let it spring open on its own when doing belt changes, it's just something that BWM owners have dealt with. (it's a gates piston designed for a few BMW models)

With all those things in mind, I simply decided to try the old system again, and since it works and the GPR system is not the simplest of installs because of its physical size, I'm just sticking with it for now, instead of swapping back and forth and possibly finding out that the 1377 belt doesn't fit either.

As far as I know, I'm the only one that has had a problem with it and it seems to all stem from the smaller pulley on the S/C.

Also, if you use the GPR, there is a large Allen/Socket Cap headed bolt that attaches it to the engine block, I swapped mine out for a standard Hex head due to space issues and ease of installation, it was just difficult and slow to tighten with anything more than a basic Allen wrench.
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