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Pre-Holiday update to how things are progressing...

Car is running beautifully, pulls exceptionally hard under full boost (5700+ is giving me 19.5 psi at the MAP sensor according to my data logs.)
After a couple of tuning runs, I made a comment about how the power felt as if it was flattening out from 7000-7500 (7500 is the suggested max RPM for the 60mm pulley), but that I was totally expecting that with the stock Cam, so no big deal.(I wasn't complaining at all, just relaying information since this is a remote tune).

For those of you who don't remember or didn't know, I've been blessed with one of those ECU's that just doesn't like Cam changes of any kind. Previously we've spent months trying to get both an NS-2 and MegaMini Cam to work in my car without throwing misfire codes. Since at the time, the car was my DD, and the bottom of the motor was still stock, I finally just decided to stop trying, and stick with the stock Cam, and with the addition of the ACG, was actually really happy with the performance.

Well... that was then... This is now...

With everything else that I've done to this motor, not at least trying another Cam, just makes me feel like I've not given it my all.

Sooo, thanks to the ByteTronik team, they've agreed to put in the extra effort to let me try one more Cam.

After the holidays, on the way will be a 1320 spec'd CAT Cam, a new, properly degree'd ACG from Thmpr, and a set of 650cc injectors.

I've decided to just go with a second ACG so that I can have this current one stay with the stock Cam, and with my current configuration the 550 injectors that I have now, were going to be right at the top of their duty cycle anyway. (Right now they are running at 90% and the motor still wants more fuel)
So no more tuning for now, the car is running just fine and I'm driving it every chance I get. Weather permitting, I'll have everything installed and tuning will resume in about 3 weeks. At least if it doesn't work out, I'll feel better knowing I did everything I could, I just hated the feeling that I possibly hadn't.
Happy Holidays.
I'll get another 3rd party hosting site eventually...

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