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So, last weekend Good, Not so good, Good, WooHoo

Good - Radiator came back from my fab guy, installed and everything fit properly, fired the car back up and all seemed well, but it was Sat night and storming so no test drive.

Not so good - Came out Sun morning to a small coolant leak, seems that my fab guy accidentally burned a pin hole in the core, so back out it came and off to the radiator shop.

Good - Back from the radiator shop, got off work an hour early last night, so everything went back in and filled. Came out this afternoon to no leaks, so I'll fire up the car this weekend, pressure test the system as well as bleeding and topping. All the other systems so far have been leak free (knock on simulated faux wood grain).

WooHoo - Shifter got here Tues.....

So, this weekend:
-Finish the EGT gauge install, plus cleaning up some of the under dash gauge wiring.
-Burp, bleed and check all the fluids.
-Update some tuning software
-Install the shifter
-Fab up some fire extinguisher mounts

Besides all that I still have to install the W/M system, figure out the nitrous controller mounting and plumbing, and install my new DT-BBK.
Besides this, the car needs a few non performance item's worked on, but none of that effects driving the car at all.

Fortunately all but the EGT gauge and software update, are things that can be done while we're doing the DD and pump gas tuning.

I'm really stoked to get the car on the road this weekend, and work today won't go fast enough.
New pics this weekend.
I'll get another 3rd party hosting site eventually...

Just hope the old one dies a fiery death.
But I'm not bitter....
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