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No new pics, but did get some time this weekend after all, had to tap a second vacuum source from the Intake Manifold to run only brake booster, isn't as good as OEM, but works just fine (just a slightly stiffer pedal)
Only thing to really deal with now is if the vacuum in the vacuum manifold is enough to let the MAP sensor and fuel regulator function properly, the factory vacuum connection is now running, fuel regulator, MAP sensor, crankcase and BOV, and after my test drive late last night the BOV is functioning perfectly. If I need to I'll tap another direct line to single out the fuel regulator, but so far seems good.

Tuning piece is on its way and hopefully I'll be able to take my first real drive (not just up and down the street) later this week.
I'll get another 3rd party hosting site eventually...

Just hope the old one dies a fiery death.
But I'm not bitter....
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