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Detroit Tuned A+ (Chad is awesome, helped me out alot)
Ireland Engineering A+ (Jeramiah is awesome, helps me out when needed)
Helix A+ (past shipping)
M7 A+ (fast shipping and Nardo and Randy are awesome)
Rougue Minis A+ (Emily is awesome, hooking me up and just being cool)
Tire Rack A+ (good customer service)
Sparktec Racing A ( good customer service)
MiniTuner A ( they also had pretty good customer service)
They all have something good about them that i really appreciated.

Im sure theres more, but cant think of them right now.
there is only one company that i am sour with but we will leave them nameless since its the wrong thread
“Whatever it is, the car has to look good. If your car doesn’t look good, sound good, and feel good, you’re not going to drive it like you should.” Akira Nakai
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