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Originally Posted by blackie View Post
He can have 10,000 posts or 1,000,000 posts and eat babies all day long. It doesn't seem like he wants to shed light as much as he likes to wield authority. He could have reconciled this easily enough, but the "people like you" remark was the kerosene and I am sure he knew what he was doing.

To those who were offended by me going for the brass ring I apologize; frankly I thought I managed a few light-hearted lines along the way before the police arrived. But to be called a posting whore by someone with 10,000+ posts seems a bit comical, no matter how long he's been here. I'm sure his posts have all had substance, while I tossed off about 20 to 30 to simply gather quantity (in a single thread mind you). I'm sure this is falling on deaf ears, based on what's mostly come forth so far.
honestly if you want you can put the fire out as well. Just get up and take a small break and forget about the issue and move on before it goes where no one wants it too. ya there was a misunderstanding.. blah blah blah its the internet not middle school. Theres really no reason for everyone to get flustered over something like a sticker anyway.
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