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Originally Posted by glnr13 View Post
i welcome you to motoring underground as well as others have on this forum. the negative vibes may have been brought on by a few sarcastic posts and some sh!t talking here and there but this has gone too far.

blackie, step away from the keyboard, crack open a beer, relax. come back when you've cooled down and we can shoot the sh!t. right now you seem enraged by the "people like you" comment and it's not a good thing. no one here is "out to get you"
I appreciate the welcome and the sentiment; that is about the only conciliatory remark I've seen, even though I think I more than adequately explained the deal. As to Battle, I don't buy it; he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. I apologized and I think I'm due one too for that crack, because unlike the ones I made, it wasn't just smack talk. I think bed is better than a beer at this point.