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Originally Posted by blackie View Post
I was set-up and took the bait, so sue me. And as to Flamez offer, I don't need a decal that badly (to be banished to NAM; funny how so many here are in both places, yet sound like they spit on NAM when they they are here), but thanks for offering; I have a feeling that Flamez needs it more than me and I don't have to ask Flamez where the decal needs to be put.
Very nice. Quality posting right from the start.

If you decide to stick around, lose the attitude and get to know us. Frankly, since you are new to the neighborhood, the onus is on you to get a feel for how we interact.

BTW, I was not disparging NAM. Merely pointing out that the sort of inflammatory posting style you have chosen may be more at home there (or here) than m|u.
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