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Default Economic Stimulus thread: Free items only.

So i got this idea from an ae86 forum i am on and thought it was fantastic...

Mini cooper owners are a lot like old-school Toyota heads in my opinion, when they pass each-other they don't rev their engines and look all pissy ::cough cough:: (honda owners) they give each-other a wave, or a headlight flash and a smile. At meet's there is no "hating" rather compliments and helping hands all arounD (from what I have experienced).

with that being said, if executed properly this could be a great place for enthusiasts to help each other out.

t's time we stop trying to make an almighty dollar off measly things! Support our mini community. Give back to those who need, if it's junk to you chances are someone else may need it or have a use for it.

If this goes smoothly maybe the mods will make it a sticky, if everyone thinks this is just downright stupid, let me know and i will go back to my hole in the wall
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