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Since someone mentioned this on 03EmCeeS's build thread, and since this was actually my first mod after 200,000 I decided to just re-post it up here for reference:

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Well, first mod after the 200k mark, Thmpr's Adjusted Cam Gear:
Since I was doing both the ACG & the 60mm, I thought why not get an individual comparison to go along with the combined effect.... So here it is, these are my results, the only change is the ACG, all the conditions were as close as I could get them, this is with a STOCK cam.
OEM Gear
(bottom graph is boost only, wanted to show, that's not where the power came from)

Click the image to open in full size.

I'm plenty happy.
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Thanks, I really like it, the extra torque is where the fun is, I went from being able to hear & feel the tires spin in the top of 1st gear, to actually being able to smell them..... It's good to still be able to make improvements (and to feel the results)

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After a couple of days of living with it:

Between the extra low end of the Sprintex and now the added torque of the ACG the car is a completely different animal.

I can't say enough about the ACG, esp. for me, I just got lucky and got "one of those" ECU's that doesn't like cams, so I had no choice but to stick with the OEM, but now it's the same or better than either of the cam's I tried, simply because the power comes on sooner, as the graph above tells you I got a peak difference of 7 ft/lb's, but if you look at it closely you'll see that early on it was more like a 9 to 10 ft/lb gain, and neither of my cams turned on near that early. As the guy who designed it say's "It Just Rocks!", not to mention it's a pretty simple mod.

I just wish I could use both, a Cam & the ACG, and according to Byteronic guys, with the last update in software, I could now work around my ecu issues, but I'm just a little hesitant to try, not because I don't think it could be done, but because of the fact that the cam cap bolts, on this "aluminum" head have already been torqued a total of 6 times, with all of my experimenting, and I'm just not comfortable enough with having to worry about stressing those threads "too much" and finding out it was one too many times....not to mention I sold both my cams. But the extra top end power of a good cam & the addtnl. low end torque of the ACG would be a great combo, who knows?
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