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Well, bad news all.

The motor finally faded on me and it's going to be a few months until I'll have enough for the rebuild. (Going all out so I'm looking in the neighbor hood of 6-7k)

Here's the way it went, couple of weeks back I noticed a "very slight" miss or flutter if you will in the exhaust note when the car was idling, it was barely noticable and started right around the time I was trying to find the right point for the Nitrous WOT pedal wiring, and in that process the Management Units dumped some fuel into the I/C so I assumed that the miss was from this, just thought it over fueled a couple of time @ start uo & I fouled a plug or two, because the car seemed to run just fine, just sounded a little off at idle and it wasn't wanting to fire off on the first try when it was warm

Well apparently it was more serious, I spent all of last week doing your basic trouble shooting, plugs, wires stuff like that. Plugs did help, but not for long. So when it started acting up again I pulled the plugs & did a compression check & #1 was really low, so without pulling it apart I'm figuring I burnt a valve there somehow, the reason I say this is that nothing else seems amiss, still didn't make any noise or pass any oil by the rings from what I can tell, as far as I can tell the Crank & bearings are just fine, no noise, no drop in oil pressure, nothing.

So, I know some of you are thinking, why not just re-do the head & go with it, honestly, it would prob. just be what I think would be a very temporary fix & not worth the effort, here's why.

When I parked the car it had 211,975 on it, and even though we did rings & rod bearings at 80,000, all we did was a bead clean on the cylinder walls nothing more, so all the tollerences & clearances were still factory spec.. So back when I was still playing with my Cam issues and only using the 70mm pulley (basiclly this time last year at about 185,000) I had run a compression test and while it was considerably lower than it should be (125 ft/lb across the deck) everything was still working well enough, so I just went for it. (This, and early tuning issues was why I never posted my actual dyno #'s from the the Sprintex project, the #'s were lower than they would have been with proper compression & I didn't want the Peanut Gallery jumping on the band wagon & blaming the S/C, hell all things considering, compression & all I was really happy with 221whp on a DynoJet, (64mm pulley) but I just didn't want to deal with it/them) Anyway, now with 211,000 even though #1 is shot and down to 60 ft/lbs the rest are all down to 110 ft/lbs, there just plain ole Wore Out, the wild thing is, as I said earlier, even at that from what I can see, there still not passing oil, these damn motors really are put together well! And even with it the way it is, the damn thing would still break the tires loose @ 3500 in first gear, just by standing on it, it did it just before I parked it...

Oh, almost forgot...NO, I never even got to spray it once!, really sucked, the final parts arrived Mon. the last day I drove the car....:argh: I just wish I didn't need this block for the rebuild, I'd clean the plugs & Shoot it with a 250 shot just to see what happens... But no use crying about it now, and it might even be a blessing, would have really sucked having this happen right after a couple of sprays & thinking that the Nitrous was to blame, at least now I know it had nothing to do with it and am not affraid of using it on the new motor.

And it would have really sucked having this happen @ MOTD and having to get the car 500 miles back to the house. BTW, I'll still be there, Cooking Supplies, Giant Mug & all, not missing it car or not.

Thats about it, new motor will be built specificlly for Big Boost & The Bottle, I'll keep everything updated as it progresses but will prob. be sometime in June, Between the built short block & new head, it's just going to take a while to get the funds together, I'm in the process of getting a new DD right now to save me money on my everyday commute so hopefully everything will go according to plan.

Later all, any questions, fire away, I'm defenitely not going anywhere, I love this stuff!
I'll get another 3rd party hosting site eventually...

Just hope the old one dies a fiery death.
But I'm not bitter....

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