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New update, most things are going to plan, new tires are on, P/S pump was changed at Mini yesterday, and initial break-in oil has been changed. Oil and filter look excellent, so no red flags there.
Only thing so far is that boost is a little low at WOT so more back and forth miles this week to work and troubleshooting next weekend, car seems to run really smooth so I'm thinking must be something with a leak on the pressure side or maybe even belt slip (I doubt it's belt slip simply because it levels out and stays pretty smooth, but we are looking at the logs, just to be sure) A leak wouldn't really surprised me that much though, considering I've got 4 separate intake horn taps and a new intake plug and tap for one of my in car intake temp gauges. Soapy water here we come....

Plus I'm having an ozone treatment done this week (A convertible just sitting outside for 3 years requires a heavy duty freshening up, just slapping a little deodorant on, isn't quite enough) and possibly some cosmetic changes if I have time, thinking about match painting the wheel arches and body surrounds, and just so happens, there's a silver peel coat that is a pretty good match to Pure Silver, so at least I can experiment first.

Once the boost situation is sorted, the first stage of tuning can begin, I'm looking at 3 separate tuning phases:
Fuel only first, then with the W/M, then with the bottle. I'm hoping for end of Nov. to have it all done, but we'll see.
I'll get another 3rd party hosting site eventually...

Just hope the old one dies a fiery death.
But I'm not bitter....
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