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Latest update unfortunately isn't much of one.
Some of my boost issues have been sorted, and actually helped with something else too.

Ends up that I was getting some belt slip, (I was pretty certain that it was one of the issues) so I swapped back to my old tensioner system and all is good, even boost in all gears. And as an added benefit, the swap also got rid of some higher RPM clatter that I was hearing, so two thumbs up there.

But it's still a little lower than I anticipated with all the changes from before. Currently I'm seeing a hair under 18 psi and my previous setup had me right at 20, so considering changes to the motor and intake system, and that I was actually seeing more than most people were before. I was hoping to see 19 or so.

So last week I ordered some new O-Rings and gaskets to completely redo all the junction points from the S/C to the Head. (I did re-use some of these parts after doing a good visual inspection) Unfortunately Sprintex sent me the wrong O-Ring for the S/C to I/C horn connection,(which, when I disassembled the two, showed some signs of a possible leak, and even thought the O-Ring appears perfectly fine, I'm thinking there might have been some shrinkage while sitting) so I'm at a stand still until the new one arrives tomorrow.
Everything should go back together this weekend and barring any stupid mistakes on my part or glaring new issues, tuning should commence, break-in is done.
I'll get another 3rd party hosting site eventually...

Just hope the old one dies a fiery death.
But I'm not bitter....

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