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Need some spec on this bad boy?? Keeping in mind this a "Heavy Street Camshaft". It is MORE Lift and duration than some other RACING CAMSHAFTS !

ALL camshafts for the MINI r53 use a "advertised Duration Numbers" The problem with that is knowing WHERE they measured from, or IF they actually measured at all, or just made up that number! LOL

Do your home work !! This camshaft has the actual numbers of: 11mm Intake lift @ Valve ! 9.7mm Exhaust Lift @ Valve !! That is .434" intake / .383" Ex. for us 'Merikans !!
Then we worked in a huge duration numbers to keep the flow going with that high lift... Intake duration @ .050" is 212* / Exhaust is 218* !!

Yep the area under 2200 rev is a bit weak... but ..after that ... Hang on !! I dont have any issues on the Street driving it in my 06 !!

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