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Sundays work, the heat situation is sorted, while the ceramic heat coating works well, it alone just isn't enough for the exhaust side of the turbo, so the addition of a turbo blanket, and a strip of Form-A-Shield under the cowl has taken care of the issue.
With that done, it was time for the next phase of testing, and made a mildly hard pull in first and hard shift into second, which brought up a few issues...

First being that this wastegate actuator just isn't enough, it's only a .75 bar which translates to 11 psi max, and while 11 psi breaks the tires loose at 5200 in 1st, even doubling it with a boost controller isn't going to give me as much flexibility as I'd like, so there's a 1.2 bar or 18 psi actuator on the way.

Second and larger issue is that I miscalculated the amount of engine movement under hard shifts, (even though I'm running Ireland upper and lower bushings along with a TSW top motor mount) and the shift from 1st to 2nd pulled the upper radiator hose loose. Since I do all my testing really close to the house, the car never got above 200, but of course this needs to be addressed, so there's a new, longer, flex hose on the way as well.

Maybe not ideal the ideal result, but this is what testing is all about, esp with the amount of custom fab involved in a project like this.
Some updated pics this weekend.
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