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Well, it's been a while since an update.
Everything is moving forward with only minor issues, but nothing more than expected.
The engine movement and radiator hose issue was an easy fix with the flex hose install.

Tuning is coming along well and hopefully won't be long until we can start on the power aspect of things.

I've been driving the car back and forth to work and I'm seeing under bonnet air temps and even intake air temps of only 10-20 over ambient with normal everyday driving, even in the 95 heat, so the I/C setup is working phenomenally.
But I am seeing under bonnet temps in the 150-175 range if sitting idle in traffic or a drive thru for more than a few min., so I'm thinking about some kind of system to help pull air from under the bonnet for those occasions, but again, space is an issue...and while it's probably not absolutely necessary, couldn't hurt if I can come up with something, I'll let everyone know if I do.

I've also added a manual boost controller and temporarily mounted it in the engine compartment, along with the new wastegate I ordered. (I still plan on an electronic controller and gauge so there's no reason to permanently mount this one)
While the new wastegate helped, I was still only seeing 16.5 psi (granted it was only with throttle in second gear) but again it wasn't what I was looking for, not with this engine, so the boost controller went in.
With the heaviest spring and opened all the way, at - throttle in 2nd gear it's giving me about 26.5 lbs, so it's just where I want it to be, and of course it can always be turned down. (Which I may just have to do, since that pull was up a ramp onto the highway, and at 5k rpm the tires broke loose.)

Had a small setback with a minor oil leak at the turbo return fitting, (the first couple of hundred miles always brings out the bugs) causing me to have to replace the blanket due to oil getting into the original one.
Pulled everything apart, and since I had to wait on parts, I also studded the exhaust manifold just to keep everything as secure as possible. While disassembly is simpler than an S/C, it's still a pain so I also replaced the two piece oil return flange and fitting with a billet part that has the fitting machined into the flange, just to alleviate one unnecessary junction point.

With the repair time slowing down the tuning, I have decided to wait on the shifter and BBK install until tuning is done, just don't want to slow things down again unnecessarily.

Next will be the W/M install and the engine cover for rainy weather, plus I still have to do the fire extinguisher brackets.

My other project at the house got more involved than first expected, but it's finally almost done so I can hopefully devote more weekend time to finishing the car at a quicker pace than lately.

Again thanks for reading, and there's only a couple of new pics because of the recent changes not really changing the appearance of things that much.

First to the left is where the AFR and EGT gauge now live:

Click the image to open in full size.

New wastegate actuator:

Click the image to open in full size.

Temp Boost controller:

Click the image to open in full size.

Turbo Blanket and new additional heat shield wrapped under the cowl:

Click the image to open in full size.

R56 turbo studs and nuts:

Click the image to open in full size.
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