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Originally Posted by *Ace* View Post
What?! Oh man that was one of the only threads I followed. Great build, shame to see him get rid of it.

I troll here every now and again. Still have my MINI although its not registered or insured. I start it up every now and then and take it for a spin down the road. Still have to fix the hand brake cable. I think I have the parts to do it just have to find the time. Life has changed for me quite a bit. Married with a 10 month old and just put my house I have been in for 10 years on the market. So I have been busy and spare time to fool around with an old car is hard to come by. There is no way I am giving it up though. I have visions of me and my son driving around in it when he is old enough to appreciate it and maybe taking it to some car shows and things like that. I would love to teach him to drive stick in it and, maybe if he is lucky, it will be his someday. *DREAMS*
You can follow his progress on it on his FB page too.
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