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Originally Posted by werD View Post
R53 is pretty bullet proof - awesome that you're keeping it going strong!
The alternator broke on me recently. That's the original alternator from the factory 15 years ago. For the last year or so, I was thinking the engine was making an awful lot of strange noises. I was thinking valves, worn cylinder rings, maybe supercharger, waterpump etc...

But then the alternator gave up the ghost...while driving. I still have a car that does not have power steering so it was not a big deal when I lost power steering due to the the car running strictly on battery until I could find a safe place to pull over and get catch a bus to work.

Anyways, I had the alternator replaced and a belt tensioner and belt installed at the same time since that part of the car was opened up anyways.

The engine runs like new again. Smooth and quiet. No strange rattles.
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