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I've been with DirecTV for 18 years now, just did their latest equipment update and couldn't be happier, one of the most surprising things about my most recent experience it's that DirecTV it's making a considerable effort to reward their long standing customers, not just new ones, I personally really appreciated this.
But like everyone else says, it's not the least expensive option, I personally would just rather pay the extra and have the content options. Their new genie system + their whole home setup is pretty complete and makes expansion really easy, plus there's a way to even access your own computer system to use as a media server. The real reason for me to even upgrade was the option to record more than the standard "2" programs at the same time, and yes it comes up more than you think, if you think this may matter, look closely at both, with DirecTV you can choose "any" channels to record, I've heard Dish doesn't really allow that, but don't know this for sure.

All the -vs- aside, since you've never had either, you'll be pretty happy with either over cable, your biggest choice is prob. going to be cost -vs- content.
I'll get another 3rd party hosting site eventually...

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