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Old 01-23-2006, 04:21 PM
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Cool Tips for buying/selling parts

Hopefully, the mods will turn this into a sticky. Can anyone else think of anything else?

If you are going to buy/sell items on the forum, here are some tips designed to make the experience enjoyable for both the seller and the buyer.


1.) Provide an honest and accurate description of your item. If at all possible, post a pic. It doesn't have to be in perfect shape, there are many people who will buy an item knowing that it is used. However, if it isn't in like new condition, don't describe it as being in like new condition. Don't know how to post pics? Ask someone to host a pic for you in the thread. There are thousands of people that would likely help you out and who doesn't like to see what they are getting before they buy?

2.) Provide a price for your item. It is generally considered to be fishing when you don't provide a price and want people to make an offer. Keeping this sales area straight forward should be the goal and it takes the guessing out. If you are afraid that you may be asking too much, it doesn't hurt to try. You never know when someone really needs that part and is willing to pay a premium. No matter what the price, you can always say that the price is negotiable.

3.) Post the location of the item(s) for sale! For many people, the location of an item is a deal breaker or a deal maker. Shipping charges can be high but if the item is local to a buyer, this improves your chance of selling the item! If you don't list the location, you could lose a buyer who otherwise would have bought the item had they known it was local.

4.) Dictate who will have first dibs and stick to that plan! For example, say that the first person to reply to the post has dibs, or the first person to email, or the first person to reply via PM. Many times buyers will post that they have first dibs without knowing that another buyer has already contacted you and purchased the item. Specifying which responses take precedence is a courtesy to all potential buyers and sets rules for who is first in line for hot items. Sticking to this plan is just as important in maintaining the integrity of a transaction. If a person offers to purchase the item at a higher price than you have already to committed to, it is a courtesy to the original buyer and this forum that you stick to the original deal. Your personal integrity will guide you.

5.) Post when the item is sold! This lets others know that the item is no longer available.

6.) Post what type of payment you accept. This can sometimes be a deal breaker or maker as well.

7.) Report back on the transaction when appropriate. Since there is no feedback system on this forum, word of mouth is all we have to go by. Beware of bashing on the forum for no reason though. This also makes for an easy way to indicate that the deal is done and the item is no longer available.

8.) Check back! Many times a seller will post an item for sale, and there will be 10 buyers waiting to hear from the seller. Or there may be many people who need a question answered. Know that this forum has a LOT of members. It doesn't take long to get a response. Usually in a matter of minutes. If you provide a contact method, be sure to check for questions or offers to buy!


1.) Respect the pecking order. If a deal has been made between a buyer and a seller it would be considered discourteous to try to bust that deal up by trumping with a higher offer via a PM or email to the seller. If you missed this deal, this doesn't mean that there won't be another one.

2.) If you commit to buy something, follow through. Communication is key. I don't think you would get too hard of a time if you needed to break the deal provided you let the seller know that you need to. This gives the seller an opportunity to repost the item and other potential buyers the ability to buy the item.

3.) Make sure you know what you are buying. Ask whatever question you need to. Don't blame the seller if you didn't get the part you thought you were going to get because you didn't ask the right question. The forum is a powerful place. Don't know the answer to a question? Try the appropriate area of the forum.
Cheers, Bob
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Old 01-23-2006, 04:28 PM
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Those are great points Bob. Thanks for posting them.
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