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We meet anytime, it's close enough! Just say when, and we'll arrange a time to meet you... weekends work best, and I was just thinking it would be nice to get together with other M|U members in the area! Also, you know about the Oktoberfest and the fact that some of the M|U members are motoring on up to Bear Mountain.. but no specific time now for the Pepe's get together - we just do it every so often. One of my MINIac friends and his lady friend actually head up from South Jersey to come to visit, and typically we make it a Pepe's event. Pepe's Pizza, for those of you who don't know, claims to have the first American pizza. It is probably one of the best pizzas in the world. They just opened up the one down the street from my house about 2 years or so ago. The original one is in New Haven, near the campus of Yale University. The new one is in Manchester, Connecticut.

The above is probably more information about Pepe's than what you needed to know, but, trust me, it's fantastic pizza
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