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Default So you think you want a Motoring|Underground Sticker?

Click the image to open in full size.

If you've been wondering how you get one of those really cool broken circle & arrow stickers for your MINI, then this thread is for you.

Now, if you've found us like this...Click the image to open in full size.

First click here, then skip down and read through the quotes & linked threads.

Want to make your own? The files are here:

Got them already? Show them off here:

Ever wonder why we don't appreciate a request for stickers as soon as you sign up? Read through these threads & you'll understand (hopefully):

A couple of select quotes that sum up our opinions:
Originally Posted by Rally View Post
M|U Stickers: priceless.

Basic synopsis of how this thread will go: The stickers are for members of the forum who post and become friends with the large MU family. All are welcome to participate. The more the merrier. The stickers are not meant to be fashion symbols or cutesy stickers for people who haven't made themselves at home on the forums or introduced themselves.
Originally Posted by Rally View Post
I'm gonna spell everything out here....please read.

This is a forum that is indeed a lot looser and laid back....which is actually why we won't put up with little arguments or squabbles. All the petty back and forth stuff is not welcome here. This place is about hanging out and joking around with friends. Relaxed authority or not, if someone steps in and starts "harshing on those vibes", we'll step up and explain that that stuff isn't cool. Sometime people are used to standing up for themselves and getting the last word in on yes, sometimes we have to explain to new people that this place is different.

Jomo made a little joke about hitting 500 posts....the joke is often made everytime someone asks for decals. It wasn't a prank and he wasn't trying to pull the hat over your eyes.....just getting a laugh to evoke a smile. You might have taken him seriously....that's fine.....but spamming the boards is not cool around here either. Someone asked you to stop and you went into defensive mode making a ton of posts arguing with the people who asked you to stop. could have responded and said "oops, my bad, i was just kidding around trying to get to 500".

If you ever take anything too serious on this board....or something is enough to actually upset you on this board.....take a step back, chill, take deep breaths, grab a beer (if it's later than 11am), and really ask yourself if you should be taking it seriously. I'd say that 98% of the time, you can't take what we say's all in good fun on a silly car forum.

We fully welcome you, and I'm sure you can fit in......just lose the concept that any of us are actually against you. You don't need to continue defending yourself. You made a mistake and misunderstood a simple joke....we're not gonna hold that against you. So relax, have fun, check out the other threads here, and I'm sure someone will be contacting you about the M|U decal when they have the time.
If you're still with me at this point & are feeling lucky, PM me your real name, mailing address & color preferences (unless you are colorblind like Konky. Then send us naked pics of your hot sister/gf/wife/milf neighbor).
You'll receive them as soon as I get a chance to get them in the mail (at no cost to you). How's that for a deal?

Q. Can I use the logo stickers?
A. Nope. Not unless you are a member of the M|U Team.

Regards, M|U Team
Click the image to open in full size.

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